Calibrating certified leaks at the highest level

Leak testing methods that are used industrially are not an absolute measurement method; that is to say, the measuring display must be calibrated in the leak rate dimension that is used. To that end, the function of the IDP must be well-known, there must be certified calibration equipment and trained personnel need to be available.

Companies who, for the first time, must grapple with modern leak testing methods and/or use them in their production mostly have difficulties dealing with this new subject matter in a safe manner.

Each leak testing method requires its specific calibration method, which already begins with specifying and properly purchasing the right calibration equipment, that is to say a certified leak. A calibrated leak must be calibrated in the appropriate leak rate specification. The hardware must be constructed in such a manner that it can be integrated into the part to be tested. The calibrated leak must often fulfill industry-specific requirements and calibrated in the appropriate dimension e.g. in g/year in the refrigeration industry. In complex leak testing methods, calibration is performed on different parts of the testing machine using many different calibrated leaks and testing methods.