Industrial leak testing method developed for the first time since 1970

Quadrupole measurement process up to the leak rate range of small 10E-11 mbarl/s

Mass spectrometer testing method for:
Heat exchangers, hermetic refrigeration compressors, semi-hermetic refrigeration compressors, high-pressure valves, metal drums SF6 components, test volumes up to 1000 liters, leak rates up to 10E -11 mbarl/s, cycle times up to 700 parts/hour with a test volume of 200 liters.

Developing and presenting a test gas testing method based on mass spectrometer testing technology with AIR test gas.

Developing the most successful testing/machine concepts in the field of industrial leak testing technology – testing aluminum wheels per the methods of test gas mass spectrometer testing technology. More than 90% of all aluminum wheels worldwide are tested with these testing systems.