Measuring capability analysis of leak testing systems

The Fuhrmann & Volkmann office has special expertise in analyzing the measuring capability of leak testing systems. Peculiarities of leak testing in the procedure with mass spectrometers is taken into consideration. The mass spectrometer is an extremely-sensitive test device, which can measure with significantly greater accuracy in many applications than what the specification requires.

This therefore ensures the widespread requirement of the quality departments:

Cpk > 1.33

The measurement capability analysis essentially contains three evaluation aspects, which ensure the system’s measurement capability as a whole:

1.    Accuracy itself with respect to a calibrate leak (calibrating the system)
2.    Repeatability for recurring measurement (in brief time intervals)
3.    Reproducibility (change of operators and/or long time intervals between measurements)

The known statistic method figures Cg, Cgk, Cp, Cpk are calculated for quantitative evaluation and documented via certificates. Machines are configured in accordance with the quality requirements for the statistic figures. In other words, the machine is optimally configured to ensure the specification and to produce the lowest amount of pseudo rejections as possible.

Simply put, the measurement capability analysis of a leak testing system is a TÜV (Technical Control Board) for quality control in production.